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Hive and Seek

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Hive and Seek is an innovative new word scramble game where you click through letter hexagons to reveal the hidden word. You can set word lengths from 3 to 16 letters. Kids can play with smaller words to help them learn letter order and find new words. Words with 16 letters will challenge even the most advanced spellers, even English PhDs!

Don't know the meaning of a word? Expand your vocabulary by clicking the "Define Word" button. Hive and Seek gets even more fun when playing with words having 11 or more letters - bees come out and start covering letters!


* Set word length from 3 to 16 letters

* Discover new words and definitions

* Family friendly dictionary, inappropriate words removed

* 3-4 letter words go left to right

* 5-6 letter words go left to right, or up and down

* 7 or more letter words can go any direction

* Starting with 11 letter words, bees start covering letters

* At 12+ letter words, multiple bees come out and cover letters